Lumen 115 Clip Light

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The Lumen 115 Clip night running light is a great standalone light or complimentary piece to your other light gear. It comes with a stable magnetic clip that will attach onto just about any piece of apparel for a strong hold. Simple to use click through settings make adjusting the brightness easy to do on the go.

Pocket-sized light, simple and easy to use.  You can even use it as a night light for reading!

Recommended Use: 
Magnetic clip on light for everything from walking to running. Attaches on waist belts, running shorts or sternum straps.

· Strong magnetic gripping system secures it in place
· Built-in flood cone for even lighting and a wide angled view
· Adjusts down or horizontally for multiple light positions

Fit: Unisex
Color option: Pitch Black
Lumen Output: 115
Battery: 1 x AA
Lumen Rate / Burn Time:
115 (high) / 8 hours
44 (medium) / 18 hours
7 (low) / 60 hours
Water Resistance: IPX6