Lumen 170 2.0 Waist Light

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The perfect companion on your early morning or late night runs to light the road and carry your essentials including a large cell phone. Free the head, wear a hat if you like. Adjustable power settings with SOS.



Recommended Use: 
Durable and waterproof waist light for nighttime road running with capacity for large smart phones or other essentials.

· Flood cone for an even light, no-bounce feel
· From mesh to webbing for easier and quicker belt adjustability
· Larger pocket to carry iPhone 7 Plus cell phone

Fit: Unisex
Size(s): 66-116cm
Color option: Pitch Black
Capacity: 0.13 L
Lumen Output: 170
Battery: 3 x AAA
Burn Time High: 10 hours high
Water Resistance: IPX7